Efficiency and Atmosphere

Mood boosters with design aspirations: lamps and lighting concepts for the dark winter months.

Light influences our everyday lives – whether it takes the form of the summer sun or artificial lighting in the dark months of winter, when we spend most of the day indoors. Light controls our circadian clock, boosts concentration, can cause fatigue and affect our personal wellbeing. All of which goes to show just how important it is to choose the right lighting, especially when the days are short and the nights long. Whether we're at home or at work, in a hotel room or a restaurant: artificial light sources don't just brighten up the room with their shapes and colours, they brighten up our mood as well.

A broad spectrum of uses
Nowadays there is a wide range of options for using light to stage interiors. Newer technologies like LED panels and OLED are opening up numerous new functions and possibilities. Intelligent technology and digitally controlled lighting can be used to immerse spaces in different atmospheres. Individual areas can be visually enlarged, dramatically emphasised or unobtrusively dimmed. Walls, ceilings and furniture are themselves becoming light sculptures, the brightness and colour temperature of which are infinitely adjustable. Today, flexibly usable and designable lighting is a crucial design element for furnishings and the overall impression made by the (interior) architecture.

New criteria
At the same time, contemporary lighting solutions have to satisfy a wide range of requirements: besides functionality, variable installation and operation are also key. Criteria such as the design are just as much a priority as energy efficiency and sustainability – one of the main reasons for using LEDs. In the meantime, many LED luminaires also satisfy exacting safety requirements and are free from harmful infrared and ultraviolet radiation. In addition, more recent products also create a soft, even lighting mood without any troublesome dots of light. They are therefore particularly suitable for use in the contract sector, e.g. for the presentation of goods and food, but also in offices, hotels or restaurants.

Creative scope
The new technologies mean more creative scope in the design of wall, floor and ceiling lamps. The shape, size or colour adjustment can be individualised and adapted to specific requirements – nowadays customised lights are just as feasible as totally new lamp shapes. But against the backdrop of increasing technologisation and digitisation, other, sometimes opposing tendencies are emerging as well. Traditional forms of lamp design such as fabric or metal lampshades are experiencing a renaissance and being reinterpreted. And industrial lamps – once designed for factories and workshops – are now adorning modern lofts, offices and restaurants with their archaic-looking forms. Often equipped with state-of-the-art LEDs, they combine nostalgic charm with forward-looking lighting technology.

The coming imm cologne from 13th to 19th January 2014 shows what new solutions and traditional forms are possible when designing with modern light sources. In a segment dedicated entirely to lighting, the parallel LivingInteriors event presents a wide range of new and established products: lamps for the living area, bathroom and kitchen as well as lighting concepts for the contract sector that really come into their own in the dark months of winter.



Source: Koelnmesse, reprint free of charge