"The House – Interiors on Stage": Play with Dimensions

The Danish Designer Louise Campbell Will Create the Simulation of a Residential House at the imm cologne 2014.

"Alice in Wonderland" – that is only one of the sources of inspiration that are the basis for Louise Campbell's design for "The House – Interiors on Stage" at the imm cologne 2014. The well-established exhibition project, created according to the plans of a different designer each year, is the simulation of a residential house at the international furnishing show. What excites Louise Campbell, the Guest of Honour 2014, about the project is the prospect of being able to tell one of many possible stories about the perfect residence.

The Danish designer's concept for the 240 square metre (2583 sq. ft.) house to be constructed at the imm cologne in January 2014 displays an open room without walls, which is largely enclosed on three sides by textile covering, whereas on the fourth it is completely opened. Grid studding will give structure to the room on the inside. A second level, retracted like a gallery and not accessible, will suggest private spaces.

Although the great attraction for a designer surely lies in being able to implement an ideal living situation on a scale of 1:1, Louise Campbell decided, given the unusual location, deliberately to play with the spatial dimensions and to challenge visitors with surprising details. "I will play with the spatial relationships exactly as Alice in Wonderland would," says the designer. She will take as her central theme the spatial standardisation in architecture and design, the search for a balance between hectic activity and complete relaxation. The instruments and grids present throughout the house also emphasise the great importance that measuring and balancing possess for our modern lifestyle. "0-100. (Made to measure.)" – a house for measuring – this is Louise Campbell's name for her vision of ideal living.

It shall become a house that radiates calm in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the trade show, a house that welcomes visitors in a caring way. But also a house that turns the residence as we know it on its head and shifts the familiar dimensions of space and furniture. Louise Campbell: "I would like the feeling of a gentle, hospitable environment, so that everyone who is invited to come into this house has the feeling of being in a really good place. And I would like total flexibility between the extremes. It is therefore a place in which one can well be left alone or also together with a lot of people, from quiet contemplation to a great party. It is open and yet private, familiar and yet variable. All these oppositions with which I constantly work are in this house."

Location of "The House – Interiors on Stage" at the imm cologne is the exhibition format Pure Village that will move into the spacious hall 2.2 in 2014. Further information at:


Source: Koelnmesse, reprint free of charge