A Summer Full of Colour

Whether it’s a restaurant patio, street café or beach bar – as the trend towards spending more and more time outdoors grows, so does the desire for cheerful colours.

No matter where this summer’s cosy, feel-good al fresco scenarios are created, they are being enhanced with colourful accessories and furniture. Whereas the trend in the last few years was more towards muted shades like beige, brown and white, this season’s focus is on bright colours instead. Whether it’s a hotel, restaurant or beach café – spacious and cosy outdoor settings are being enhanced with soft and colourful cushions. Candleholders and vases are showing up in bright, vibrant colours. And other accessories are sporting bold, exciting patterns that catch the eye immediately. Even sunshades are going for a more colourful look.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to sit together, have a barbecue or just relax in the sun – decorative little items and accessories aren’t the only essentials: colourful furniture is a must as well. More and more furniture manufacturers are nailing their colours to the mast and producing bright and vibrant collections. Products are appearing in different colours and colour combinations. Classics are being rediscovered and painted in cheerful shades. Tried-and-trusted shapes and materials are turning up in fresh summer colours and patterns. Regardless of whether you’re looking for chairs, tables or loungers, sets, individual items or crazy mixes: summer 2014 is full of colour.

Source: Koelnmesse, reprint free of charge