Textile Accents

Carpeting for the contract business is reinterpreting tried and tested floor design options – with textile experiments and new colour ideas.

As a crucial part of the interior, carpeting performs an essential function: it plays a significant role in shaping the ambience, improves the acoustics of a space and ensures a pleasant indoor climate. In ambitious architectural projects such as offices, hotels or shops, textile floor coverings are being used to stage interior spaces and show them in a certain light. Depending on respective tastes and lifestyles, they can convey anything from distanced coolness or upscale understatement all the way to a sense of snug warmth. And the possibilities currently available for individual floor design are both many and varied. The major trends in contemporary carpet design include the use of natural and sustainable materials, the playful interpretation of traditional forms and production methods and, last but not least, experimenting with a new take on colour.

Old look, new possibilities
Carpeting or carpets specially developed for the contract sector have to meet high standards: they should be robust, durable and low-maintenance, preferably be sustainably produced and of course look good. Manufacturers are trying to enhance the individuality and attractiveness of their textile floor coverings with new design approaches. Carpets are being deliberately designed to look old and given their own special character with irregularities and signs of wear. Ethnic design or the traditional look of hand-knotted carpets are also providing inspiration for the latest patterns, whilst new colour palettes are being used for accentuation. Monochrome, extremely vibrant colours, special shimmering effects or wild colour gradients are conjuring up new looks on the floor. And thanks to innovative printing techniques, it’s even possible to transfer images to carpets as well, thus creating the effect of a photographic print or three-dimensional surfaces. Such possibilities provide architects and interior designers with an abundance of inspiration and a whole new degree of freedom when it comes to designing floors.

A distinctive ambience
Woven carpeting can bring special aesthetic and functional qualities to contract sector interiors. Classic weaving has inspired designers to come up with new creations that combine the traditional manufacturing technique with state-of-the-art design. The advantage: flat-weave or loop pile carpeting has a distinctive structure and is particularly hardwearing. Besides creating a pleasant ambience, it ensures enhanced comfort as well. The latest products offer a broad spectrum of patterns and colours. Besides ensuring the quality of the carpeting, yarns made of recycled materials often make for durability as well as a striking surface texture and appearance. Specially developed backings can significantly improve the acoustics of a room.

The patterns, colours and materials available for today’s textile floor coverings are just as varied as contemporary architectural and interior concepts. Thanks to the growing spectrum of design possibilities, carpets and carpeting are increasingly evolving into lifestyle items. And their creative potential is far from exhausted.

Source: Koelnmesse, reprint free of charge.