In Bed with Ingenuity

Today’s bed design focuses just as much on new creative and technical solutions as it does on good sleep and relaxation.

“As you make your bed, so you must lie on it” – this saying is not just a figure of speech, it holds true in a literal sense as well. People’s expectations of how their sleeping quarters are designed have grown enormously in recent years. In order to ensure the greatest-possible feel-good factor, more importance than ever before is being attached to flexibility and individuality. This also (and particularly) applies to temporary accommodation in lodgings such as hotels and resorts.

Manufacturers are coming up with a wealth of new ideas to ensure consumers’ sleep is as restful and healthy as possible, ranging from mattresses that adapt to body weight and movements during sleep all the way to slatted frame systems that respond to users’ individual bodies and sleeping positions. Various software programmes and computer tools provide support for configuring a flexible sleep surface.

But the design of the bed isn’t the only important factor: natural materials for mattresses, covers and pillows are just as vital to the user’s wellbeing. They are breathable, reduce moisture and thus help ensure a healthy night’s rest. Intermediate layers made of horsehair, coconut fibres and other natural materials ensure the body maintains a stable position.

Today, the design of beds in the contract sector is just as diverse as the interior design of contemporary hotels. The design options are many and varied – from minimalist designer pieces all the way to inviting upholstered bedscapes or American box-spring beds. Modular bed systems that the customer can configure to suit his own tastes and removable headboards in various heights ensure diversity and comfort. Lightweight bed frames are available in premium metals or fine woods and roomy upholstered beds feature a compelling choice of soft fabrics, upmarket leather coverings and sumptuous padding on the headboards.

Regardless of whether a simple and modest option or a lavish, soft and inviting design is required – the latest bed trends continue to focus on a sense of snugness and wellbeing. The coming imm cologne from 19th to 25th January 2015 will be showcasing the latest developments for achieving this effect. At the international interiors show, numerous bed, mattress and sleep system manufacturers will be presenting their new products for innovative sleeping comfort.

Source: Koelnmesse, reprint free of charge.